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SALE - Ikusa Charged 14oz Gloves - Black/Lime Green


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Performance and Protection you Demand

The NEW Ikusa® Charged 14oz Gloves drive performance and support hand and wrist protection better than other gloves on the market. Thanks to Hayabusa’s Exclusive technologies and sophisticated designs, these gloves are guaranteed to exceed expectations when it comes to wrist support, performance, fit and comfort. 

Features / Benefits
  • Hayabusa’s patented Dual-X® wrist closure for maximum wrist support and striking power.
  • Ergonomically designed for perfect wrist and thumb positioning to yield optimal and consistent alignment during training and competition.
  • State of the art inner core provides the perfect density for superior force dissipation. 
  • Superior quality engineered leather and exclusive inner lining for a perfect fit and feel.
Price: S$149.00